Thinking about TEFL

We are pleased that maybe you’re thinking of getting your TEFL with us.

  • Make your dream come true…
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All our staff have both national and International experience. Our head teacher has been with the school for 8 years and before that he was principal of a school in New Zealand. Our other teaching staff come from a variety of backgrounds and many have made Thailand their home.

All our teaching courses are accredited by the Ministry of Education to guarantee that our courses are at the very highest standards demanded by both government and private schools , as well as language schools worldwide.

What do I need to take a TEFL course?

You don’t need any previous qualifications to take a TEFL course. You do need to be able to speak English at a fluent level, as you will be teaching it to your students.

Our Links with Schools

We’ve been operating our school here for over 8 years, and all our graduates who wanted jobs got them, which is all great news for you!

We have extensive contacts with government and private schools throughout Thailand and South East Asia.

Benefits of doing a TEFL with us.

• We are an established Government registered school offering government accredited courses, so that your qualification will be internationally recognised

• We offer a first class residential course.

• We have dedicated tutors and staff at the school and online to assist you in every aspect of your course.

• We can provide short courses to upgraded your skills at any time in the future!

Who are TEFL graduates?

All sorts of people choose to teach abroad, that is one of the attractions of being a TEFL graduate. Anybody, from students to factory workers, retirees, university graduates etc.

Are you looking to make a real difference to your life and to the lives of others! You don’t need  previous experience, just a passion to try something different and  willingness to help others.

Teach English here and Abroad

  • Live and experience a different culture
  • Do something that is meaningful to you and to others

Try using your imagination,  you leave your accommodation in the morning, going to your favourite place for breakfast (it’s so cheap). On your way to school by motorbike, bus or taxi  or tuk-tuk ,or maybe even by bicycle you take in the sights sounds and smells of a new morning of your new life.

You walk into your classroom where you are greeted by your enthusiastic students and spend your day teaching them in warm friendly classrooms. After school it is time to head out and enjoy yourself. You can socialise on the beach and watch amazing sunsets while sipping on your favourite drink, eat in one of many local and International restaurants located in Phuket Town or one of Phuket Islands world famous beaches. You can indulge yourself at one of hundreds of local and international bars,  pubs and discos located throughout Phuket Island.

This is the TEFL life… are you ready to join us?

Firstly, let’s get rid of some  TEFL myths…

You can teach English. You don’t need to be a certain age or have any previous experience and you don’t need to speak the local language.

The fact that you already speak English means you have the greatest tool needed to teach English. Your TEFL course will teach you everything else to make sure you walk into your classroom feeling confident and prepared.

What is TEFL?

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. TEFL is your ticket to global travel as you teach English to your students. You choose where you want to go to, you choose how long you stay for and you choose what age to teach. It’s that Easy!

It’s the most flexible and meaningful job if you’re looking to travel, earn money the the same time, experience new cultures, make new friends and
make a difference to the lives of others.

Why us?

Our TEFL  Course

  • 150 hour TEFL course.
  • We have accreditation through the Ministry of Education. Not just a company TEFL.
  • Residential course (where you attend class).
  • Free CV and job skill class with every TEFL  course.
  • Free service to send your job application to where you want to work.
  • Additional modules to help you earn more!
  • Online forum to keep in touch with teachers and staff.
  • Free airport pickup.

Now you’re Qualified, Where do you go from here?

Most of you who are thinking of undertaking an English teaching course will most likely have never taught before . Please try not to worry, as we do empathise with you, mainly because we have all been through this ourselves. During your course you will be guided from the start, all the way to getting a job and beyond. Join our community of teachers, staff and friends and start your journey.

For more information please read our FAQ page or contact the school.


As ESL jobs abroad become increasingly popular, prospective teachers must make themselves as competitive as possible. The majority of schools abroad will consider a minimum of a 100-hour TEFL certification, with many institutions now requiring more. BEA Education has recognised this demand offering a 150 hour TEFL qualification to accommodate teachers who wish to be eligible for the most competitive TEFL jobs.

BEA Education’s 150-hour TEFL course offers internationally recognised certification from a respected academic institution, with an intensive
curriculum designed by experts in the field.

We offer an extended TEFL Course of 150 hours

BEA Education provides you with an advanced  TEFL course! The course materials are from  Oxford and Cambridge Universities. You get feedback from expert tutors, access to top training and a wealth of information and resources to really boost your confidence. You have access to forums where you can interact with both staff and other students. Please note that this course is not available as a blended learning option. Thai Ministry of Education do not allow


Module 1  – TEFL Introduction
Module 2 – TEFL Methodology
Module 3 – Lesson Planning
Module 4 – Board-work
Module 5 – Teaching Grammar
Module 6 – Teaching Pronunciation
Module 7 – Teaching Reading
Module 8 – Teaching Writing
Module 9 – Teaching Listening
Module 10 – Classroom Management
Module 11 – Feedback
Module 12 – Student Motivation
Module 13 – Gestures & Cueing
Module 14 – Games & Activities
Module 15 – Teaching Large Classes
Module 16 – Teaching with Limited Resources
Module 17 – Teaching English to Young Learners
Module 18 – Making a Lesson 1
Module 19 – Making a Lesson 1
Module 20 – Putting It All Together

Why Study the four week residential TEFL Course?

  • Ministry of Education accredited course
  • Internationally recognised TEFL certificate
  • You have time to attend a four week course
  • Onsite, so you have instant access to staff and resources
  • Interact with other students face to face rather than online.
  • Learn the easy way with fun, interactive modules
  • Real life case studies and examples with extensive resources

Graduates of BEA Education’s TEFL course receive a free job placement workshop and access to our job board after completing their course.

 TESOL blended learning course

BEA Education TEFL blended learning courseWe’re excited to announce a 150-hour TESOL blended learning course

The TESOL is accredited by the College of Teachers in London, England.

The blended learning option gives you the flexibility of obtaining an Internationally recognised English teaching qualification at your pace (you have one year to complete), giving you ample time to understand the material before attending the practical component of the course.

BEA Education provides you with the most advanced blended learning TESOL course! With the online component, you’ll get real feedback from expert tutors, access to top training and a wealth of information and resources to really boost your confidence. This online component of your course is self-paced and accessible from any internet-enabled device.

Why Study the Blended TEFL Course?

  • Accredited by the College of Teachers.
  • Internationally recognised TESOL certificate.
  • Instant access to your course.
  • Flexible – learn when you want
  • Global access from any computer in the world
  • Learn the easy way with fun, interactive modules
  • Real life case studies and examples with extensive resources

Please note: When you have successfully completed the online component of your course you will need to book the residential component. You will not be able to book if you are still completing the online component.

Every graduate of BEA Education’s TESOL course receives a free job placement workshop and access to our job board after completing their course.

When you have successfully completed the online component of your course please use the form below to book the practical component.


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