Questions & Answers


Where is the school located?

The school is located in Phuket Town on the resort Island of Phuket, Thailand.

Is the school Accredited?

The school is registered under the Ministry of Education and is accredited to deliver English language teacher training courses (TEFL), English and Thai language courses.

Is there accommodation near the school?

The school is centrally located in Phuket Town and has numerous guest houses and hotels within 2 to 15 minutes walk from the school.

Can you book accommodation for me?

Yes, we can book for you or we can supply you with a list of guest houses and hotels near the school. It’s advisable to book well in advance during high season (from October to March) to ensure that you are able to get the accommodation you want

What is the cost of a room?

This can vary depending upon the facilities and the season. Day rates vary from 450 Baht/night for a guest house or budget hotel to around 1500 Baht/night. For students enrolled in a longer course of study (one month or more) we have an arrangement with a local guest house (2 minutes  walk from the school) for approx. 9000 Baht a month. The rooms have air condition, refrigerator and Wifi. 


Is your TEFL accredited?

Yes, the TEFL is accredited by the Ministry of education and is therefore recognised Internationally.

How long is the course?

The course is 150 hours and can be completed either as a 4 week residential course or a blended course. If you enrol in the 4 week residential course you will have to attend class from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday. You may be required to stay after 5:00 pm on teaching practise days (Thusday and Friday), depending on the number of TEFL trainees. If you enrol in the blended course you will complete an online component and then enrol in a 5 day residential component at the school.

Is the 4 week residential course the same certificate as the blended learning course?

Yes, they are both 150 hours and the certificate is the same.

What are the differences then?

 The blended learning course allows you the time to prepare well in advance before you attend the 5 days at the school. During those five days you will attend workshops and deliver lessons either in our school or at local schools. Some students prefer this option as it allows them to have the time to study and understand the teaching methodology and to prepare lesson plans. The 4 week residential option is intensive as you will be doing the theory as well as the practice. It really comes down to your learning style, the time you have available to attend school and the cost. 

What is the cost of the TEFL course?

For prices please check the course page on the website as this will have the current pricing plus any specials that we may be offering at this time. The blended learning option is however approximately 50 percent  less than the 4 week residential course. This is due to it being less costly for the school to deliver the online component

How long do I have to complete the course?

The 4 week residential course has to be completed in 4 weeks. However, if because of illness or any emergency that requires you to be away from the school, you will be able to finish the remaining part of the course within a year from the date of your initial starting date. The blended course has to be completed within one year. This includes both the online component and the 5 days residential component.

Do I have to bring anything for the course?

All the course materials are supplied, although we advise you to bring a laptop/notebook computer if you have one. The school does have computers that you can use.

Is internet available?

We have a computer room with internet connection and the school has Wi Fi. 

School Address: 22/32 Vanich Plaza, Luang Por Rd, Talat Yai, Muang, Phuket 8300, Thailand.